The CPU (Cleveland Pop Up) Academy is an educational and informative cohort-style community for beginner and established small business owners. The pre-designed working sessions are created to assist business owners with entry into the pop-up scene and enhance and develop those that have already done pop-up events.

Founders Monica Grays @east185exhibit and Megan Sims @shopgyminibrand developed the CPU educational program with the goal of helping small business owners become more equipped to enter vending spaces.

CPU offers business owners information on what to do before and during pop-up events. We are here to assist emerging and aspiring small business owners. Whether you are in the beginning idea phases or a more advanced transition, Monica and Megan are happy to guide you through the popping-up process.
Spacing is limited! Sign up TODAY! Sessions start May 21, 2023!
The CPU Academy fee of $80 includes training sessions, materials, refreshments, and a vending day.
Day 1 - Business Fundamentals: Learn the basics of business 101
Day 2 - The Art of Popping Up: Being ready to pop up anywhere
Day 3 - The In-Person Effect: Creating a memorable presence
Day 4 - On Stage: Pop-Up Shop Day